White Paper

If you are interested in what distributed ledger technology can do for you, please read our white paper PDF

Concordata white paper

Or you could sit for half an hour and watch a demo with (almost) everything core that we need working. There’s a lot of er, and um but you wont have to read at least. If you are in a hurry skip to about 17 and half mins or even 25 if you are very very busy.

It’s a mind numbingly simple proposal. Rock solid P2P record sharing (many to many across the set of parties) and a structured record supporting a transparent (i.e. mind numbingly simple) rule system.

This document/record/contract complete with its own rules has an edit and a live state. Once live its just an application with rules as to who fills in and sees what, and simple spreadsheet style referencing and equalities.

It’s shockingly simple in principle. It needs to be so, it needs to be totally obvious. Once you have this and a client to edit it with, your business analysts can construct and edit inter-corporate applications without even talking to a computer programmer.




There are also two further essays Tech and 3TC above. They are superseded by the white paper.